WKBRegional Fall Meeting minutes


 October 2, 2018, Fall Regional Meeting—Edgewood Legion

 The Fall meeting of the West Kootenay/Boundary Regional Seniors was held on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 at the Edgewood Legion, hosted by the Edgewood Seniors Branch 150. The meeting was then called to order by Ralph White, Regional Chair, at 11:15 AM with the singing of O’Canada. The Seniors’ Prayer was read by Gale Detta, Regional Vice-Chair.  There were 31 members present with 23 delegates and 8 visitors.

Adoption of Agenda: – M/S/C that the Agenda as circulated be adopted with one addition.

Secretary Wilbur Wostradowski circulated the minutes of the April 3rd, 2018 Spring Meeting.  The Minutes were accepted as presented.

Treasurer Janice Wostradowski read the Treasurer’s Report. The bank balance as of August 31st, 2018 is $164.27 + $25 in the share account.  The Treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.

Correspondence: None

Old Business:

  1. 2018 AGM of the Senior Citizens’ Association was held in Fruitvale, hosted by Branch 44 from May 3 to 5, 2018: – Gale Detta gave a brief report on this AGM. The minutes are posted on our Website.
  2. C. 55+ Senior Games Zone 6: – Beverley Kennedy from Castlegar reported that they won a silver medal in Crib, 1 Gold and 1 Silver in Whist and Gold in Floor Curling. Also, Gale Detta won a silver medal again for the 5000 Meter Walk. It appears that Zone 6 faired quite well.  A discussion on entering the Senior Games followed.
  3. Name Tag Resolution: – Ralph reported that he has stick-on name tags to be prepared and used at Regional Meetings for all those in attendance who did not have one. This practice will continue for future meetings.

New Business:

  1. Membership Dues: – Jan Wostradowski reported that Membership dues are due and payable at the Spring Regional Meeting. A discussion followed regarding the fact that the present due structure of $.50 per member falls short of the expenses incurred each year.  Moved by Branch 117, seconded by Branch 46 that we raise the West Kootenay/Boundary Regional dues from $.50 per member to $1.00 per member effective January 2019.    Note. Wilbur will inform all the Branches regarding this increase.
  2. 2019 AGM of the Senior Citizens’ Association of B.C. will be hosted by Canoe Branch 92 and will be held May 2 to 4, 2019. A question was asked, “where is Canoe” answered by Ralph “Salmon Arm”.  Further discussion followed.
  3. Resolutions for the 2019 AGM: – Wilbur Wostradowski asked those present to talk to their members about what they would like to see our Governments are either doing or not doing for Seniors and come up with some resolutions to try and make changes for the betterment of Seniors. Some discussion followed regarding how to write Resolutions and it was decided that Lorraine Bradford will try to locate a document on how to write Resolutions and put it on the Website.
  4. Report from Gale Detta, President of the Senior Citizens’ Association of B.C. Gale read her report to the meeting.
  5. Report from Lorraine Bradford on the Senior Citizens’ Association of B.C. Website. Lorrie gave a brief demonstration of how to use the website and some of the new items that will be available in the future, such as a Buy, Sell and Trade option that will be available soon.  Lorraine’s written report will be attached to the original minutes.
  6. Report from Ralph White on the situation of his Branch #68 Grand Forks as a result of the Spring Floods. Ralph reported that they have lost their building and a lot of the contents were destroyed.  At the present time they are begging and borrowing places to hold their activities. He further updated the meeting of possible places to be used for their meetings and activities.
  7. Branch Executives: – A discussion was held on the situation in some branches where they are having a lot of trouble finding people to run for office, mainly Presidents and Vice-Presidents. Ralph pointed out that at a bare minimum you should have a Secretary and Treasure with some Directors.  You can then have one of the Director’s chair meetings if necessary.  There is nothing in our ByLaws that says a Branch cannot continue without a President or Vice-Presidents. However, if you are Incorporated, you must have a President and Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors. Quorums should be small enough to be able to hold meetings, suggest 10% of the Membership.

Following a wonderful Lunch provided by the Edgewood Seniors, Kyle Kusch presented a video on the History of Nakusp and Edgewood that was very informative and interesting.  ow

Date and Location of next meetings: – The Spring meeting will be held in Midway, hosted by the Midway Seniors Branch 117 on Monday, April 15th, 2019 at 11 a.m. Also, Procter/Harrop Branch 118 has agreed to host the Fall Regional Meeting which will be held on the 1st Tuesday in October.

The Door Prize was won by Sharon Naslund.

Thank You, Edgewood for doing a great job of hosting this meeting.

Adjournment: – Ralph White adjourned the meeting at 2:10 PM.