This is our report for the Northwest Central meeting held in Hazelton on April 11, 2018.

We are a very busy and happy organization. At the present time, our membership stands at 360 to 370. We have a lot “Junior senior members”. Of course, they are all pickleball players. We offer a lot of programs every day from 9:00 am. to 10:00 p.m.

Crib, bridge, exercise, chair yoga, mah-jong, and we also have a large craft group, floor curling, carpet bowling, whist, Ukulele players between 20 to 25 people, the same amount in the singing group and line dancers.

We must not forget our entertainment nights (nickel bingo).

In the morning we have the coffee guys, a very vocal group.

We offer pancake breakfast, soup and sandwich, and last month we combined Robert Burn’s night with soup and sandwich. We served 100 people. In March we did the same combined with an Easter Parade also very successful.

Seniors week is coming up soon and very important to us, with every day something special. Wednesday, June 06th we board the bus for a trip to Prince Rupert, and on Friday, June 09th we will serve a light lunch with a cake for dessert, donated by the District of Kitimat. There is a Fashion show included at the end of this celebration.

During Seniors week most of our Programs participating in any kind of competition there is always cash prizes to be won.

At the present time, we are hiring a summer student and a new programmer. Jocelyn who was with us for five years has retired.

In December the 6th we will hold our grand Christmas party held at the Luso Hall we serve about 170-175 people. If anyone of you would like to make a trip to Kitimat for that occasion you are very welcome.

I could tell you much more but with this lengthy report, I will thank you all for listening.


Tilly Bachmann