Minutes of North West Regional Meeting April 11, 2018

Minutes of North West Regional Meeting April 11, 2018

Held at Roche Lodge New Hazelton

There was a total of 11 present; 2 from Kitimat, 7 from Hazelton area and 2 from Houston.

After enjoying conversation and a brown bag lunch and coffee, tea and juice provided by New Hazelton, the meeting opened with the saying of the Seniors Prayer and introductions.

Meeting Called to order at 12:20

Additions to agenda – none

Agenda accepted as presented

Minutes of the meeting held in Hazelton April 5, 2017, were read, M/S Tilly Bachmann/Addie Nikal, Carried.

Financial update no change from the last meeting at $109.38. Trudy is to take out $50 for office supplies as moved last meeting.

Reports from Branches given by Kitimat, Houston and Hazelton. Copies attached to these minutes

M/S Bernice Lemley/Gillian Mullins reports were presented, Carried.

New Business

  • Discussed the AGM to be held in Fruitvale May 3-5
  • Resolutions for AGM reviewed, good discussion on resolutions. Voting delegate knows how to vote on each resolution.
  • Picnic planned for June in Houston Wednesday, June 20
  • Seniors web page discussed. Some concern that there is not that much on the webpage. com. 
  • Arnold reported that a buy and sell feature will be added to the news page on April 15 for a 3-month trial.
  • Hazelton reported that they do not get information from Lorraine Bradford. Arnold promised to get their email address on the list.
  • Trudy will be the proxy for Hazelton.

Next meeting to be held October 3rd in Hazelton

Meeting adjourned at 1:45, social time