Letter from President, Gale Detta

June 23, 2020

Dear Senior Members,

It’s been a long wait but at present the Board has not received any direction as to opening our senior centers. My suggestion is if you can follow guide-lines and protocol and you feel comfortable proceed with caution. Direction from Dr. Bonny Henry gets up-dated almost daily. Due to the fact they predict a second wave in the fall I wouldn’t be surprised to see lockdown happen again. Do your best, stay safe, and think of ways you can be in contact with your members via email or phoning.

With regards to the AGM, it is still scheduled to be held in Cranbrook September 3 to 5.  We will be giving you all an update by the end of July as to the status of this.

We will update you on our website: seniorsofbc.ca if we get further information.

Have a good summer.


Gale Detta