Edgewood Seniors – Branch 150

Report to West Kootenay/Boundary Regional Meeting – Balfour, B.C.

April 3, 2018


Good Afternoon, everyone, we are new at this so bear with me.

We have 26 members’ so far plus 3 new members for a total of 29.

We have a morning walk inside the Legion Hall every morning followed by coffee.

Monday we have quilting.

Crib on Wednesday evenings.

Seniors Lunches on the second and fourth Thursdays.

Houseboat tour in the planning stage.

Foot reflexology/massage/pedicures planned for June 1st.

Evening or Afternoon of games/cards in the planning stage.

Evening or afternoon of entertainment, i.e. Singing, movie night in the planning stage.

Respectfully submitted:

Hilda Murphy – President


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