April 10, 2017, held at the TRAIL SENIORS


Our current Membership is 202 with 24 new for 2017 plus 10 Life Members for a total of 212. We are currently waiting on 24 members to make their decision to renew. As is the way every year, we lose several members because they move of pass away or just simply do not see the need to be a member. This is something that needs to be addressed. Why would an individual take out a membership but not renew it?

We are so fortunate to have the use of the facility that we do. Where else could we afford a space that allows us to otter Floor Curling to 48 players plus spares (5 – 8); Crib for over 50 Players, Carpet Bowling; Whist; Darts; Line Dancing; Rummoli and bingo for the cost of our modest monthly rental. Plus, we have use of larger rooms at the complex to hold Afternoon Dances, Dinner Dances and Soup Days. The maintenance staff take care of us as if we were family by replacing light bulbs, cleaning our dedicated lounge area, removing garbage and recycle, and doing any repairs required.

We have a regular Education Program covering several areas of interest to our members. All are FREE.

  1. In collaboration with Columbia Basin Adult Literacy, we host a series of TECH LEARNING SESSIONS, for two hours, once every month, people are encouraged to bring their devices, laptops, ipads, phones, tablets and our three techs help with problems. This has been a very successful program we have had for two years running. As long as there is funding, it will continue.
  2. In collaboration with Theresa Buchner of Trail and Sally Caisley of Christina Lake, we are developing a program to host COSCO Workshops. In the fall we had FALL PREVENTION. Most recently we had KNOWING YOUR BLADDER. Which was fun and the facilitators made it easy to freely discuss this delicate matter. Our next session will be LIFE WITHOUT DRIVING on April 26th.
  3. Through continued communication with NIDUS, we host their monthly webinars, dealing with the end of Life matters and the means to ensure our wishes are carried out. They run the 1st, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. All the information is available on their website ( Our aim, acting as a host, is to offer access to those who are perhaps unfamiliar with webinars, do not have a computer, or they simply appreciate hearing the information in the company of others. We can also print the information.
  4. We have a club called the OVER 80 DRIVING CLUB. It is not really a club, but rather information sessions with the aim of demystifying the dreaded letter and the fear that comes with the receipt of the letter – THE DRIVER MEDICAL EXAMINATION REPORT. Plus we discuss the whole process and what we can expect at each stage. We have many, many success stories I cannot share because of privacy for the individuals.

We attempt to communicate with our members on a continuing basis through:

  1. A Phoning Committee
  2. A dedicated director and her assistant who take care of all matters relating to membership.
  3. Weekly Newsletter both printed and sent by email.
  4. A monthly calendar both printed and sent by email.
  5. Our Website: or simply type in your browser: Castlegar Seniors. We should be at the top of the list. Lots of information links to information and a countdown calendar to the AGM in Houston plus the 55+BC Games.

Respectfully Submitted

Beverley Kennedy, President