Guidelines for Listing in Buy~Sell~Trade~Give

In all categories, there are to be NO phone numbers, email addresses or other “private” information IN the listing. The initial contact will be made through the website, then both parties make all their own arrangements, no longer involving SCABC in any way. SCABC is ONLY the communication link and all financial, delivery, or other arrangements are solely the responsibility of the parties involved in each transaction.

To Buy~Sell~Trade/Give away you must create an account. No credit card, debit card or financial information is needed. The “account” is to register you for using this listings option. Your email address will be used by the system to contact interested parties.

To buy/sell/trade or give away you must give a clear description of the item. Up to six photos may be uploaded. If you add a video it MUST be linked through YouTube or Vimeo.

ALL listings will be approved by the webmaster before publication. Listings will be valid for THIRTY (30) days with an option to renew. The reminder to renew will be sent a few days before expiry. If the renewal is not done, the listing will expire after SEVEN (7) more days. If the item is gone before the expiry date, the lister MUST have it removed or **mark it “SOLD/TRADED/GIVEN” and it will be removed after 3 days.

NO pets or any living creatures will be listed.
NO over-the-counter or prescription medications will be listed.
NO food items will be listed.

All listings must be in good taste and fit for a general audience.