Br. 44 Beaver Valley Spring report 2019

1. Beaver Valley Seniors – Branch 44

Report to West Kootenay/Boundary Regional Meeting – Midway B.C.
January to December 2018
April 15, 2019
Our membership in 2018 was 71 members, with 6 new members and 1 Life
Member. To date, we have signed up 65 members with 15 of them being new
members. We hold our monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month
with the exception of July & August. We averaged 18 members in attendance at our
monthly meetings.
In 2018 we held a number of activities for our members. These included:
On Mondays, we hold bingo from 1:30 to 3:00.
Tuesdays we held Carpet Bowling with two sessions, from 10 to 11 am and 11 am
to 12 pm. There were 8 teams playing 7 games from January to April, 2018. This
was then followed with a wrap-up Tournament. All the bowlers enjoyed a toonie
lunch put on by the Village of Fruitvale for all seniors. The fall session then began
October to December 2018; we had 7 teams playing 7 games. This was followed
with a wrap-up Tournament in January 2019.
Wednesdays we have Ceramics from 9 am to 12 noon.
On Thursdays, we have cards (cribbage and whist) from 1:30 to 3 pm.
In March & April 2017, A Representative from the Volunteer Income Tax Program
was available at the Beaver Valley Manor every Thursday from 9 to 11 a.m. to help
seniors in the area prepare their Income Tax.
In December, we renewed our Liability Insurance for our facility at a cost of $693.00
per year.
Additional things are done by the month:
January – Patricia Cecchini, Mayor of Fruitvale, Installed the new Executive of Branch 44.
February – Approval was given to give two $250.00 Scholarships to the J.L. Crowe
Scholarship Committee for two Scholarship Awards to be given to two students from
the Beaver Valley who are continuing in education. The Beaver Valley Manor Board
purchased a portable defibrillator that is available for our members if needed.
March – Donated $200.00 to the 2017 55+ BC Games, Zone 6. Approval was given to
send 2 delegates and 2 guests to the Spring Regional Meeting of the West
Kootenay/Boundary in Balfour. Also, agreed to send 2 Delegates and 5 Visitors to
the Annual AGM of the Senior Citizens’ Association of B.C. being held in Fruitvale.
May – Hosted the Annual General Meeting of the Senior Citizens’ Association of
B.C. This AGM was very well attended and we thank all the Branches from our
Region for their attendance and support.
September – Agreed to send 2 delegates and as many visitors as would like to go to
the Fall West Kootenay Boundary Regional Meeting in Edgewood.
October – Sent 2 delegates to the Fall West Kootenay/Boundary Regional Meeting
in Edgewood.
December – Held our annual Christmas Banquet. Those who attended enjoyed a
very good meal. We also had a Donation Box available for non-perishable items for
the Food Bank. As well, in December, we enjoyed a Christmas Light Tour provided
by Beaver Valley Recreation and the Beaver Valley Nitehawks hockey club. The
cost to those who went on this tour was $5.00 per person. Those who attended
enjoyed the tour and then met after at the BV Manor for Coffee, Tea, and goodies.
Held our Annual Elections for Branch 44 Executive.
Finally, the coordinator of the Beaver Valley Age-Friendly Community, Jayme
Fowler continues to hold Monthly Toonie Luncheons on the 3rd Tuesday of every
month at the Fruitvale Community Hall. All seniors from the Beaver Valley are
invited to this Lunch at a cost of $2.00 each. The attendance averages 140 to 200
people. In addition, Branch 44 is given the opportunity to sell memberships at these
luncheons. Also, the Village of Fruitvale prints a Newsletter every month, that is
distributed to the Residents of Fruitvale and Branch 44’s Activities are printed in this
Respectfully Submitted
Bob Bastian
Beaver Valley Senior Citizen’s – Branch 44