Webmaster Report WKBR Spring Meeting April 2019

SCABC AGM Webmaster Report 2019

SCABC AGM Webmaster Report 2019

Over the past year, our Senior’s of BC (SCABC) website has been
visited by members and interested visitors. As of April 27th, 2019,
our website has had 30,265 views. We continue to have requests
from numerous websites to be listed in our resources. Many of these
requests are from US companies, as most of their information does
not relate to Canadians, we decline their request. However, there
are a few resources that have been added to our resource’s links. Be
sure to check them out as there is so much information that does
relate to our members and their needs.
Many hours were put into getting the Buy~Sell~Trade~Give-away
option up and running, so it is most discouraging that very few folks
have taken advantage of this option. You know the saying, “Use it or
lose it” and we could very well lose it because of lack of interest.
The webmaster (Lorrie Bradford) would like to hear from you as to
what you would like to see on the website.
As of May, after the SCABC AGM, Eugene, and Lorraine (Lorrie)
Bradford will be Full-time RV living and traveling all over Canada and
the USA. Lorrie will continue to manage the website as that can be
done from anywhere, as long as we have internet access.
Eventually, we will be looking for a new “webmaster” so keep that in
mind for the future.
Lorraine Bradford 2nd Vice President, SCABC, Webmaster.

SCABC President’s Report WKBRegional meeting April 15, 2019

S.C.A of BC – President’s Report

April 15, 2019, held at the MIDWAY SENIOR CENTRE
Here we are in Midway for our Spring Meeting of the West Kootenay/Boundary
Regional Seniors.
West Kootenay/Boundary has 18 branches, the largest region in B.C. Midway
and Greenwood were in the Okanagan Region but since they have no Regional
Director, they asked to join our region.
Branches are responsible for organizing activities to keep seniors healthy and
busy. By the sounds of the activity reports given today, we are doing that very
The Regional Meetings are held twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the
The Provincial Association oversees all the branches in B.C. The AGM is in Canoe
this year on May 2 to 4, where resolutions are presented and guest speakers
present information presentations on matters relevant to seniors. Delegates
take this information back to their branches.
Exercise seems to be the best medicine for everything these days and I must
say I see lots of seniors walking. Also, you can participate in the Senior Games,
being held in Kelowna this year from September 10 to 14. There are a variety of
activities you can choose from and this is also a good way to get in shape.
The Provincial Board and I wish to thank all of you for keeping seniors active. At
the present time, the Board is preparing for the AGM. We also deal with inquiries
and do most of our business by email.
Keep up the good work.
Respectfully Submitted:
Gale Detta, President