This option is now in the first phase, “trial & error”.

If you do have an item you would like to list, go ahead and list it.
You will see we do have a number of categories, crafts, art, household, home business, etc.
Be patient with us as we work to make this option a huge success with our Seniors of BC. website report October 2, 2018

Webmaster Report WKBRegional Fall Meeting October 2nd, 2018
The website continues to be visited and traffic on the website is increasing. As of October 1st, 2018, we have had 25,778 views. (April views were at 21,844 views) We still have only 41 signed up to receive posts/updates on our website.
Earlier this year we had to change our “Theme” as the old one was going obsolete. There have been a few hitches in the theme change but as we find them, Julie, our web-builder corrects them.
We have been working on the Buy~Sell~Trade~Give-away option and just last week Julie made it “Live” so you are able to list your items. There are guidelines which must be followed in order for your listing to be accepted. We are thinking to have this option available for a trial period of 3 – 6 months. Please do use this option and let me know if there are any issues you are encountering. We can only fix them if we know what they are. So, don’t be afraid to let me know of a problem/issue with this option. To recap for this option: SCABC is only the venue to connect the buyer and seller, giver and taker. All arrangements for cash, trade and delivery/pickup are the sole responsibility of the parties involved.
We also welcome ideas for links to our website which would be helpful to our members.
Lorraine Bradford, 2nd Vice-President and Webmaster, SCABC

Update: As of October 20th, 2018 the views of our website are 26,430 and subscribers are at 43. Encourage your members to “subscribe” for posts, updates, important information and especially for the exciting new addition of the Buy~Sell~Trade~Give-away option. We are currently working on getting the “Registration” link operable on this part of the website.