New Hazelton, SILVER THREADS BR # 100

Report for Regional Meeting April/18

Membership is IQ people. Still meeting at Roche view Lodge. New Hazelton.
We have been quite active from October through to the present time.
We meet once a month after & sometimes before we meet and enjoy a meal together. In Feb. we went out to a café in Kitwanga before our mtg. & then came back for the mtg. Usually, we choose a café in New Hazelton.
Every Monday night we gather together with other community members for a potluck supper.

Tuesday, several of us meet together for Elder college and yoga.

Crib had to be changed to Friday afternoons because some of the seniors don’t like driving at night.

We have movie night twice a month.

Last Summer we sold baked goods and water and juice, chips & cheezies at the country Market to raise funds to replace our entertainment money. On Sunday it seemed to be cloudy with wind or rain, too cold to enjoy.

We attended the Banff Film Festival in Smithers this past year. Sorry that they can’t hold it in the theatre anymore, it was so much easier to watch there.

Last Fall we lined up a number of people to travel on the train to Pr. Rupert to stay for a day or 2. The train was 7 hrs. late & only 3 people ended up going & they went by car.

This Spring we held a Basic Foot Clinic. We had a good attendance as it was Free. We hope to hold another April 30th but there will be a charge this time.

None of us plans on attending the provincial assoc. mtg. but hope to have a proxy again this year. The $500.00 offered by the Prov. Assoc. would help some with travel but there are meals and accommodation to consider as well.

Things are happening in the Hazeltons.The Recreation Center is going up, so we have visions of walking in there during the long winter months. Also, we could look at playing floor curling. I understand that the Hagwilget Reserve is planning on building a bowling alley in New Hazelton in the near future so that is another activity we can look forward to.

Houston Seniors Association Branch #97 April 11, 2018

Houston Br 97report2018

Our Branch continues to be quite active; host a breakfast and lunch each month open to the general public, regular days of carpet bowling, floor curling and drop in pool games. Carpet bowling is really popular this year with three carpets in use for many days. Telkwa, Granisle and Houston get together several times a year for carpet bowling competitions.  As mentioned last year, we are playing darts every Wednesday.   We also rent our hall out to various groups for meetings, training and family gatherings.

Our team of 4 carpet bowlers and a pairs team won the right to represent our area at the Provincial championships to be held in Prince George this May.

The Curling Club grant we received last year has allowed us to continue on with our Seniors’ Thursday morning curling this year. We had a good turnout of up to 14 curling. Lunch was supplied with participants paying part of the cost and curling club picking up the rest. Curlers voted to pay the full cost of ice time and lunch next year.

Seniors games Zone 11 held a “Try It” sports day in Burns Lake. A grant was received to cover the cost of hosting this day with an extra $1,000 going to the Zone.  Curling, Sturling (2 person curling with special rules), Carpet bowling, Pickleball, and Whist were featured with 53 seniors attending.  The day included lunch and social time.

Our current membership for 2018 stands at 105 members paid to date.

Arnold Amonson Branch #97