Grand Forks


Grand Forks Seniors’ Societ                                                                       Meetings:
565-71st St. GPS won’t find this address.                                      Executive – Last Tuesday of the month 1:00 PM
Box 553                                                                                    General    – Second Tues. of the month 12:00 PM (noon)
Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H0                                                          July – August no meetings, some activities cancelled

Join us for fun activities:
Monday – Carpet Bowling 9:00 AM, Crib 1:30 PM, KungFu 6:30 PM
Tuesday – Art-Crafts-quilters  9:00 AM and all day
Wednesday – Carpet Bowling 9:00 AM, Crib 1:30 PM, KungFu 6:30 PM
Thursday -Choir 9:30 AM, Crib 1:30 PM
Friday – Different quilting groups 9:00 AM and all day
Rentals pre-empt any activity.